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Rochelle Pripstein with dogs


Rochelle Pripstein lives and works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She earned her undergraduate degree from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and her Masters degree in Architecture from The University of Pennsylvania. She established her firm in 1990. Her office is located outside of Doylestown in a restored 19th century stone farm house. She is a past president of the Bucks County Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

In addition to managing the practice she shares with her daughter, Rochelle teaches at The Taliesin School of Architecture which was started by Frank Lloyd Wright in the thirties. She has been an adjunct faculty member and affiliated with the community there for thirteen years. She mentors at both the Arizona and the Wisconsin historic sites throughout the year.

Being trained as a fine artist as well as an architect, Rochelle has come to understand the importance of the built environment both visually and spatially. Rochelle’s frequent visits to Taliesin have heightened her enjoyment of nature. While Green Design has found its way into the public conscience; Rochelle’s approach could be called Bright Green. She has come to understand the importance of an organic approach towards architecture; the fusing of natural materials, harmonious elements and environmentally sound technology to encourage health and productivity through design.

Outside of the office, Rochelle enjoys gardening, playing piano, traveling to foreign lands and running with Pretzel City Sports.

Lenore Davies


Lenore Davies has practiced architecture for twelve years since earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and Masters degree in Architecture from Columbia University. Prior to joining Pripstein + Davies Architects she interned at Alan Ritchie/ David Fiore Architects in New York City. Upon returning to Philadelphia, Lenore worked for Ballinger, a large Architecture and Engineering firm, and then for Susan Maxman & Partners, a prominent small firm that focuses on sustainable design.

While at Ballinger, Lenore’s work on the lobby of Johnson & Johnson’s headquarters was featured in the February 1998 issue of Architectural Record magazine. Lenore’s love for creating beautiful, functional space was reinforced by the environmentally focused and innovative projects she participated in while at Susan Maxman’s office.

Now in private practice with her mother, Lenore’s renovation of her kitchen and family room recently was awarded first prize in Philadelphia Magazine’s Summer 2006 Home and Garden edition, ‘Dream Kitchen Contest.’

A native to the area, Lenore is happy she has returned from New York City to set up shop so close to home. An avid runner, and lover of the outdoors, she appreciates the juxtaposition of urban and rural environments that exists in this region. She particularly enjoys taking long runs past the incredible housing stock that defines this city and much of its suburbs. In her practice, Lenore very much enjoys the challenge of combining the old and new: the history and traditions of the existing architectural fabric with the needs of modern day life. She believes that while architecture often begins by making broad strokes in the landscape, the beauty and ultimate success of a project lies in the design and execution of the details.

Lenore is also a past member of the Board of the Philadelphia Chapter of the A.I.A., a sometimes adjunct professor of architecture at Philadelphia University and has performed pro bono design work for the Community Design Collaborative. Currently, Lenore chooses to spend her free time raising her three young sons.