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Pripstein and Davies Architects is an award winning design firm that got its start renovating old Bucks County farms and barns. Established in 1990 by Rochelle Pripstein AIA, it has grown to handle a variety of projects from new residences to Corporate Headquarters and Organic Farms. Lenore Davies AIA, joined the firm in 1997 bringing with her a love of carpentry, detailing and kitchen design.

Our firm practices Organic Architecture linking each project to its individual site and unique set of circumstances. Organic Architecture weds the richness of nature and our built environment. Looking to nature for inspiration is nothing new. Painters, poets and craftsmen have glorified its colors, textures and forms throughout time. We sense harmony and balance in the thoughtful arrangement of parts. Spaces with fine proportions please us. In practice, Organic Architecture is the bricks and mortar version of the natural order. It is the articulation of parts, the inherent structure of materials, the integrity of the building. It is building in response to actual needs, fitted into the environment with native feeling, rather than self-conscious academic attempts at beauty.

While the scale of some of our work has grown over the years, the firm itself has remained small. Clients can be confident that a principal will be involved in the entire design process from the initial meetings to the supervision in the field. We measure our success as practitioners by the quality of service we provide and the gratification of our clients at project’s end.